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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Written by Meghan Kelly

The Shaw brothers are taking fundraising to a tastier level while cementing their stamp all over the Columbus music scene. Fresh homemade waffles and any topping you can dream of, this was the menu last Friday night as The Andy Shaw Band (ASB), threw their annual Wafflepalooza event at Scarlet & Grey Cafe. On this night, they shared the stage with Sound the Word, a hot rock band out of New York. Chris Shaw came up with the Wafflepalooza event three years ago as a promotional gig after ASB had been playing at a Ruby Tuesday “Monday session.” Wafflepaloolza was such a success from the beginning, that now, ASB fans regularly ask for a waffle encore.

Andy Shaw, on the Wafflepalooza:
“Chris started Wafflepalooza when we were back at Ruby’s on Monday nights. We were looking for creative, promotional ideas to get people excited and have fun. After you do it week after week, we wanted to do something interesting. We gave free waffles out and it was a smash. It felt right as an event so we kept doing it…  We eventually figured out how to make it more fun and successful.”

 A number of ASB fans showed up, partied and ate all the waffles they could handle; proving once again the influence and support ASB has built up in Ohio over the last 6 years, both inside 270 and outside of the city limits. Going to see ASB is like being invited to an impromptu, family reunion. It might just be because they are super nice guys, or it might be that in a band of five, where three do share the same last name, it is actually a family affair; and for the record – there was some real life tie-dying present; as well as musical activity cards which allowed the creative crowd the opportunity to color, play and be creative. While the rest of the Wafflepalooza were promotional gigs, this one was an official fundraising event for the ASB.

 Currently ASB is raising funds for a musical trip down to Austin, Texas for the annual, “South by Southwest” (SXSW) festival.  Along with the “We are Columbus” group, of which Chris and Andy Shaw have helped get started in the last few years, they have decided for this year’s trip to Austin, to rent out a joint so that all of our 614 bands can perform, and in be heard in a professional surrounding.  

The first SXSW in 1987 stood out with its eclectic mix of German, Mexican, jazz, blues and rock musical styles. Still today, its goal is to provide creative people a place to showcase their talents on a larger scale. One of their major focuses is giving everyone a chance to share ideas, as well as be able to meet and greet. SXSW gained immediate attention both nationally and internationally, and what started as 700 registries, is now up to around 16,000 participants.  

Chris Shaw, on favorite things about being a musician:  
“Events like this [Wafflepalooza] and SXSW,” with a smile.

During these financially hard times, it seems some of the last people to get paid are the local entertainment folk, but there is a major push for musicians to get paid on a regular basis for their skills. Wafflepalooza is a representation of the innovative ways musicians are looking to go outside of the box to use venues and events in creative ways to get paid. 

“When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.” (Dylan) 

It is these types of Wafflepalooza or SXSW inspired events that offer bands a fresh platform, as a way to catch a new audience’s attention in a way that wasn’t available in the past. So why not road trip along through the country with some of your closest friends, and play for a whole new city while making connections which otherwise might never have happened? Sounds pretty rock n’ roll if you ask me.

The Wafflepalooza event is over for now, but you can still support by giving through Kickstarter or hitting up ‘Ace of Cups” February 25 THIS Saturday to hear a fabulous lineup of the artists who will representing Ohio at this year’s SXSW:

 THIS Saturday February 25 at “Ace of Cups” from after 7 pm - the official “We Are Columbus” showcase.

 Or go to their collective Kickstart account:
Only a couple more days to give!

Do what you can do, give what you give and remember what’s good for one of us is good for all.


Special Thanks:
The Andy Shaw Band
Scarlet & Grey Café


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