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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ComFest Survival Guide 2011

ComFest Survival Guide 2011
written by Josh Weiker

So you’re going to ComFest …
            Do you know what you’re doing?
                        Do you know who you’re going to see?
                                    Do you know what to bring?

It can be very easy to show up to ComFest ready to party, but unless you know what you’re doing, and what is actually happening around you, then you aren’t getting the most out of your ComFest experience.

            At a glance, ComFest might just seem like an excuse to drink a lot of beer, and be around a lot of people in a park – but that’s just silly. Actually, ComFest is an amazing opportunity to celebrate the capabilities, talents, and offerings of the local Columbus community. This festival is a compilation of local Art, Music, and Food – with an ultimate goal of community comradery and supporting local business. Perhaps more than anything, ComFest is the local event to network, make a gaggle of new friends, and find collaboratively thinking individuals … everywhere.

            ComFest began in 1972, and today, it is the largest independent, volunteer-run, non-corporate sponsored festival IN THE WORLD! (or at least that’s what the website says) This festival provides a platform for local artists, merchants, musicians, poets, comedians, … pretty much anyone local that wants to do contribute - it’s like a local creative talent pot-luck. 
Now, I’m not gonna lie –
When it comes to ComFest, most of the people I know either love it, or loathe it.
            Here’s the good news – almost all of the people that hate it, don’t like it for the same three reasons;
‘It’s too crowded’
‘I can’t stand hippies,’
and the infamous, ‘The bands suck.’

1)     Yes, there are a lot of people, and the attending population continues to increase every year. But when has this ever stopped you from enjoying anything else? Big concerts, amusement parks, shopping malls – ech, I’d rather deal with the crowd at ComFest over the crowd at Easton, any day.
Of the masses, you’ll find families, packs of teenagers, and of course …

2)     Hippies.                          
If you are truly driven mad by the hippie culture, then here is the first challenge of ComFest – you need to create a visual filter. You need to be able to see past all of the crap you don’t really care about (this also applies to families and teenagers), just look for what it is you are seeking – just like any other day. If you choose to focus on what you don’t like about something, of course you aren’t going to have fun. And, Really? I mean come on, hippies are harmless – I could personally care less whoever is around me, as long as they aren’t impeding on my bubble; and even then, worse-case scenario, you look another direction, or go to another stage. What I’m saying is, get over it, deal with it, and be happy – no one likes a Negative Nancy.

3)           There are a lot of bands that play over the course of this three day festival. If you don’t know who’s playing when and/or where, then it would be easy to think that the bands suck.
Well today is your lucky day, let me break it down for you … on page 7. Just take my word for now, once you know what you’re looking for, the bands will rock your pants off … and that’s a good thing...


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