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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Preservation Project: “Taking Notes” at Wild Goose Creative.

Written by Meghan Kelly
Courtesy of The Preservation Project Website
The Preservation Project, a nonprofit benefiting youth engagement in civic duty through community activism is a collaboration where “art + education + community service = positive change”
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Founders Angie Leonard and Michelle Lowry came up with the name, “through a conversation on our mantra … protecting our habitat and preserving our humanity,” Leonard told me.  By actively encouraging engagement through arts and music, the duo put on the successful “Taking Notes” event Sunday October 16th at the Wild Goose Creative.

(L-R) Meghan Kelly, Michelle Lowry & Angie Leonard
Collaboration and community were themes that pleasantly percolated from the event and infected those lucky enough to be present - so much so, that the dance party lasted through the cleanup (which event goers happily stayed to help out with, and were then rewarded with boxes of cupcakes and candy).

“Family” is what the Preservation Project feels like, and once you get to know the people involved, you are readily drawn into the familial circle - their passion is contagious. Passion is like inspiration in that respect, it can arrive in an unexpected fashion, like a toothache, and once it takes hold the pain doesn’t let up until something is done about it. (Unless of course Vicidin is involved but that’s another story and it’s not really age appropriate)

 Last spring, The Preservation Project took their activism, along with teens from The Ohio Dominican Charles School (where Ms. Lowry teaches), down south to New Orleans and got their hands dirty leading by example through helping others.  In connection with their musical vision, a CD entitled “Operation Nola” was created with help from the wonderful Columbus Music Co-op.

Courtesy of The Preservation Project website
In a time when arts and music are the first to be cut in society, it is a positive sign for our community  to meet such activists who share a clear cut vision for their organization and mission.  That vision, taken from their mission statement is,
“… to create an artistic, sustainable and philanthropic program engaging youth in leadership and community service; while integrating academic growth.”


Josh Smith @ Taking Notes Event
Inspiring youth through community service by collaborating with others didn’t just stop with the arts and music, at “Taking Notes,” these two built a strong, supportive collation that showed up and gave back. UGive, an organization which offers youth opportunities to volunteer, was on hand to sign up 5013C nonprofits and volunteer alike as well as introduce the crowd to their website. Oxfam Action Corps, a grassroots action group looking to raise awareness and solutions to world poverty issues; and The Dick and Jane Project which helps youth write songs were on hand to provide sustenance and educate on their causes.

The Preservation Project is investing in the future generations by teaching our current generations the importance of their fundamental belief; that we are better off creating a world built upon the betterment of ALL, rather than the continual focus on the individual - which has been the “American” way in the past.

Ms. Leonard and Ms. Lowry, along with a very supportive crew and their youth based movement, are looking towards a very promising future. Organizations like these reinforce the community solidarity and loyalty that allow Columbus to be this truly wonderful place we love - Where small locally owned businesses, people, artists, and musicians can come, develop their skills, and thrive for years; all because of the passion for this community’s preservation.

So help preserve their passion by showing their cause some love, go ahead and like them on facebook.  You’ll sleep better knowing music and arts will still be around when you’re too old to strum your guitar and your arthritic hands can’t pick up a drum stick anymore. Show the kids some love now, before it’s too late.
For more information on The Preservation Project, please visit
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This BusTown Arts & Community Podcast was written & hosted by Meghan Kelly 
BusTown Music Chief Editor is Josh Weiker
BusTown Music General Manager & Producer of the BusTown Arts & Community Podcast is DP Krukrubo

Special Thanks to the wonderful people in Columbus Community!


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