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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Written by Josh Weiker

- world peace?
- the ‘official’ Apocalypse?
- caffeinated whiskey in a can (or box)?
- an extra day in February?
- love and happiness ? … we can only hope Al, …

  … one thing’s for sure, there will still be an abundance of great live music in Columbus.

            It is getting to be that time of year when it is quite often to take a moment to reflect upon the events of the past year, and/or look forward to the next year; planning, hoping and anticipating what the New Year may bring.
 A lot can happen in a year – people moving into or out of the city, bands and artists forming and rising, or inversely breaking up or disbanding. Regardless of the ups and downs, what’s most important is keeping a level perspective … and having fun (at least that’s my opinion). Not to be preachy or imposing, but on behalf of someone who has a friend that is a doctor: you should make it a point to get out and enjoy yourself more often – be goofy, get weird with it, just let go – I think you might find it to be a very productive and effective way to deal with the stresses of life.

            As for myself, personally, it has been a terrific year: I had the opportunity to see a plethora of live music (both local and national acts); I had my first Cloudhaus experience (very quickly followed by my second, third and fourth); ridiculous amounts of fun at Comfest, Jazz and Ribfest, Music Week Columbus, and Independent’s Day; found my newest love, Heatwave; met all kinds of amazingly talented and creative people (that I am now lucky enough to call my friends); and got involved with this great movement of illuminating local music (called BusTown Music, don’t know if you’ve heard of it yet, but it’s pretty amazing…)

            As for BusTown, the past 10 months have been a wild ride. We have grown into our own, four major audio programs [‘the Evan Oberla Show’, ‘BusTown Jazz & Improv’, ‘BusTown Radio’,  and ‘Raad Rock Radio’], a multi-dimensional written division [‘Reviews’ and ‘Arts & Community’], and our latest, videos platform (with thanks to our friends at GingerAttack! Video Productions).

Rest assured, people of Columbus, that we at BusTown are working hard, plotting and scheming ways to help strengthen, promote, and provide for the local music scene throughout this next year.  2012 looks to be a big, busy and productive year for BusTown Music.
Sooo, what’s on tap? Well, while many of the details are on the hush-hush, I can tell you to keep an eye out for more BusTown Events (possibly coming to a neighborhood near you), as well as the continuing expansion of our BusTown library of local musicians, artists, venues and organizations via our original BusTown Shows and Articles.

            Until then, you can pass the time by checking out the rest of our site and getting learned on the Columbus music scene …
- Get refreshed on these amazing bands and artists:

            The Andy Shaw Band, Descendre, The L.E.S. Crew, G. Finesse & the N.S., Stretch Lefty, Mojoflo, Beauty of my Land, Birdshack, Bum Wealthy, The Floorwalkers, Lionel the Jailbird, Way Yes, Teen Fiction, Seth Daily, Fo/Mo/Deep, Hotel War, The Alpine Ghost, and Dirty Girls

- Find out about these great groups and organizations:
Cloudhaus, Preservation Project, The Hot 17, Boomhouse Records, and Musicians Against Violence

- Mark your calendar for these great events:
ComFest, Music Week Columbus, Independent’s Day, Trauma, and Pecha Kucha

- Get acquainted with some local hot spots:
The Newport Music Hall, Brother’s Drake Meadery, Ruby Tuesdays, Kobo, Rumba Café, and Dick’s Den

 Want More ???

For making it all the way through this article, here is what our own BusTown Staff Members are looking forward to in 2012 (bands, artists, venues, and local organizations):

Joey Gurwin:
- Shankbones
- Descendre
- LE for the Uncool
- Mount Carmel
- The Allwood Sisters
- Psandwich

Meghan Kelly:
-the Shaw Brothers
-Maza Blaska
- The Hot 17 (organization)
-Brother’s Drake Meadery (venue)
-Ace of Cups (venue)

DP Krukrubo

- Danyel Morgan
- The Preservation Project
- GingerAttack! Video Productions
- Oranjudio recording studio
- Brothers Drake Meadery (venue)
- Cloudhaus

Aaron Oakley:
- Raw Dough
- The Receiver

  Evan Oberla:
- Jared Mahone
- Hoodoo Soul Band
(i mean come on, if you haven’t been to church with hoodoo you haven’t been blessed)
- Lionel the Jailbird
- Dan White Sextet and associates
- Tony Monaco Trio

Aaron Quinn:
- Bastards
- Big Shot
- Wing and Tusk
- Birdshack
- Psandwich

Raad Shubaily:
- The Energy Clinic
- The Alpine Ghost
- Teen Fiction
- Strangers in Daylight
- Ghost Shirt

Josh Weiker:
- The Dirty Girls
- Nick Tolford & Co.
- Maza Blaska
- The Energy Clinic
- Teen Fiction
- HEATWAVE !!! (retro-vinyl danceparty)



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